The Material You Should be Buying Right Now: Felt

The Felt DeCoded exhibit opens at the Museum of Craft & Design, and it’s sure to inspire. The new “Felt DeCoded:Wool: Nature’s Technology” exhibition at the Museum of Craft & Design pays tribute to wool as a raw fiber and its many uses for making art, household items, and clothes (The Woolmark Company is an

Architectural Pavilions: Experiments and Artifacts

Architectural Pavilions: Experiments and Artifacts June 24, 2017 – January 7, 2018 March 07, 2017, San Francisco, CA – The Museum of Craft and Design is pleased to announce Architectural Pavilions: Experiments and Artifacts, opening to the public on Saturday, June 24, 2017. Transforming the Museum of Craft and Design into an immersive architectural environment

Home Design Guide to Dogpatch’s flourishing design shops

Printed February 26th, updated March 1st. SF Chronicle by Jordan Kushins “Situated on dockside flats in the shadow of Potrero Hill, the Dogpatch neighborhood has maintained a strong, almost defiant character amid San Francisco’s rapidly shifting cultural landscape — which is not to say that it isn’t evolving. Recent years have seen a boom in

Chris Eckert’s ‘Mixed Messages’ Transforms News into Morse Code

February 10, 2017 “Many artists can identify with Chris Eckert, whose long hours in the studio making work and listening to public radio left him feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. “The topics are complex and nuanced without simple answers,” Eckert says. “I don’t pretend to have solutions for any of these issues, but I feel their weight.” So Eckert

The Pull of Wool

NO 32: February / March- 2017 “GO AHEAD, YOU CAN TOUCH THAT—IT’S NATURALLY DURABLE, SO YOU CAN’T REALLY HURT IT,” says artist Janice Arnold. Standing at one end of a 40-foot table in her downtown Olympia, Washington, studio, the founder of JA Felt is running her nimble fingers along the undulating edges of a large

Weaving a Legacy

Arnold will again be the subject of an exhibition when FELT DeCoded | Wool: Nature’s Technology opens at the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco this February – a visual exploration of art and science that offers an intimate perspective of wool as nature’s own technology. “We are witnessing an increase in traditional

JaVale McGee Surprises Five #GladToGive Heroes With A Shopping Spree

Over the Thanksgiving holiday from November 22-29, the Warriors and Glad teamed up to recognize five exemplary Bay Area individuals who have embodied kindness and service to others through their community organizations. On Tuesday, November 29, the five #GladToGive heroes were rewarded for their generosity and impact with a $1,000 shopping spree at the Alameda

‘Felt Decoded’ Exhibition Set for San Francisco Museum

Thursday, December 15th By Arthur Friedman of Artist Janice Arnold’s exhibition runs from lacy wisps of wool to rocklike slabs, showing wool felts extremes. The Woolmark Co. is sponsoring an upcoming exhibition at the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco called ‘Felt DeCoded | Wool: Nature’s Technology.’ Set to open to the public on