The Jackalope of Margaret Drive
I made this jackalope in honor of my grandparents. It was displayed in the Hayward Area Historical Museum, in a group show honoring heritages. My grandparents lived in Hayward on Margaret Drive since just after my Mom was born. The Jackalope represents my Grandpa, who always had one of these mythical creatures hanging in his garage. He insisted on their reality– claiming our Cherokee ancestors had encountered them on their migration to his home state Oklahoma during the Trail of Tears. The jackalopes would sing to the Indians, and they would sing back– gaining strength not just for the journey, but to carry on into life after the Trail. To me it represents his (and the Cherokee’s) ability to make horrible things happy. It was always a reminder that no matter what your circumstances, you have the power within to find humor, strength, and love. The sculpture is full of symbolism– from images of my grandparents to the sugar skull and a heart-shaped “web” dreamcatcher for my Grandma, Charlotte. Also, the antlers came from my aunt’s ranch, where the original jackalope was hung after my Grandpa’s passing. That one lives with me now, too!

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