Living in California has been a blessing but that doesn’t’ mean that it was always easy. Especially coming from a low-income family with three older sisters. Living here is expensive, and my parents struggled as single parents, but they did their best to provide for us. Watching my parents struggle filled me with guilt, as much as they wanted the best for us the feeling was mutual. We would shop at Goodwill stores and my mom became very creative when it came to our clothing. She even taught me how to make baby clothes for my dolls. Our Christmas dresses for church were handmade by her and are still so special to me. My parents prioritized our appearances, and no one knew how much money we didn’t have. Our life principles are to never judge people, help when you can, be yourself, love with passion, and that everyone is worthy no matter their back story. Today I’m a textile sculpture who wants to make my mother proud and the textiles I incorporate into my projects are recycled from her. She will always be an inspiration and I hope to make miracles out of nothing just like she does.

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