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Sept. 26, 2015 – March 20, 2016

Art and Other Tactics: Contemporary Craft by Artist Veterans

The first major exhibition to explore the powerful role craft has played as a channel for creativity, rehabilitation and transformation in the lives of veteran artists since World War II. Art and Other Tactics: Contemporary Craft by Artist Veterans will feature contributions of artist veterans and the pathways craft has taken through their visionary work. The exhibition will examine the way military service has impacted the outlook of artists over seven decades and led numerous veterans to pursue creative channels. The exhibition will explore how craft is a constructive antidote to the war experience.

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Artist veterans have imbedded their experiences in the objects they create. In contrast to the most destructive manifestations of war to which soldiers bear witness, craft is fundamentally about construction–physically, symbolically and ideologically. Using craft as their voice, these artists have transformed their lives through the act of making. The exhibition will highlight four historic eras and the craft that was generated from them, in addition to touching on the start of the Army’s Arts and Crafts program. The areas are as follows:
1. The GI Bill and the Greatest Generation: Opening the Flood Gates for Craft
2. Korean War Veterans and the 1950s
3. Hidden Scars: Artist Veterans Who Served in Vietnam
4. Craft, Expression, and the Military Today: Recent Years


Installation shots in MCD by Kurt Lundquist:


Jesse Albrecht, Jill Allen, Michael Aschenbrenner, James Bassler, Geoffrey Blake, JB Blunk, Drew Cameron/Combat Paper, Arthur Espenet Carpenter, Philip Cornelius, Val Cushing, William Daley, Thomas Dang, Pam De Luco/Paper Doll Book, Daniel Donovan, Jenn Hassin, Jeremiah Holland, Roger Horner, Ken Hruby, Aaron Hughes/Amber Ginsberg, Matt Krousey, Ash Kyrie, Jim Leedy, Charles Loloma, John Marshall, Teri McCans, Thomas Orr, Earl Pardon, Tom Pullin, Jessica Putnam-Phillips, Judas Recendez, Don Reitz, Ed Rossbach, Frances Senska, Robin Shores, Dolph Smith, Ehren Tool, Peter Voulkos


Presented in partnership between:

Craft in America, the Craft & Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles and the Museum of Craft and Design

Generous support for this exhibition provided by:

John and Robyn Horn Foundation

Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Shae Rocco and Alexa Arena, Sue and John Diekman, Dorrian Porter, Phil Schlein, Sharon Simpson, Anita and Ronald Wornick, Chris Motley, Lisa Bayne Astor and Andy Astor, David Gauger, Grace Hawthorne, Gary Hutton, Alyce and Steve Kaplan, Olle Lundberg, Norris-Versin Family, Babette and Steven Pinsky, Howard and Siesel Maibach, Steven Friedland, Judy and Bob Aptekar, Bonnie Bridges and William C. Banyai, Ellen Russin and Michael Cohen, Elena Schmid and David Gast, Gabriella and Glenn Isaacson, Patricia Johnson, Marilyn M. and Jerry Levine, David Turner and John Martin, Sue Mortensen and Roger Lieberman, Michelle Johnson and Valerie Pierce, Tanis Walters, Nancy and Steve Selvin, Carol Sauvion, Dorothy Sovinsky Kaufman

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