Wanxin Zhang @ Museum of Craft and Design

Each of Wanxin Zhang’s ceramic sculptures give the viewer something old and something new, reminding us of Jasper Johns’ famous injunction “take a thing, do something to it, do something else to it.” But here, the thing in question is the ancient tradition of Asian ceramic sculpture, and the doing something lies in his treatment

Wanxin Zhang shares ‘Long Journey’ at Museum of Craft and Design

“Zhang may be a descendant of such masters of monumental ceramic sculpture as Shaw, Viola Frey, Peter Voulkos and, above all, Robert Arneson, but he is a worthy heir. Like them, his skills are so extraordinary he can confidently violate every rule, turning that technical irreverence to humorous, polemical and artistic effect. Having come to

October 10–November 8, 2019 Opening reception: October 10, 2019 at AIA SF MCD Curator Symposium: October 11, 2019 at MCD

Sculptor Wanxin Zhang pushes clay’s boundaries

Inspired by the late Robert Arneson and his friend Ai Weiwei, internationally celebrated and exhibited Bay Area sculptor Wanxin Zhang is a truly creative force. But the artist, the subject of an exhibition at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art in Sonoma through April 7 and “Wanxin Zhang: The Long Journey,” opening Saturday at San