Lines that Tie: Carole Beadle and Lia Cook

April 9 – August 7, 2016

Lines that Tie: Carole Beadle and Lia Cook

Honoring the far-reaching impact of two pioneering CCA Textile faculty members

On the occasion of their retirement from long-time tenure as faculty members in the Textiles Program at California College of the Arts (CCA), Lines That Tie honors the far-reaching impact of Carole Beadle’s and Lia Cook’s illustrious making and teaching practices.

As active contributors to the revolutionary fiber art movement in the 1970s, Beadle and Cook brought their groundbreaking careers to the CCA Textiles Program. Their innovations in the field and inspired teaching have helped build one of the premier fine arts-oriented textile programs in the country. Over four decades, their aesthetic legacy has rippled outwards to hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students, many of whom, in turn, have launched prominent careers of their own.

Featured Artists:
Carole Beadle
, Lia Cook

Morgan Bajardi, Tracy Krumm, Ali Naschke-Messing, Christy MatsonKate Nartker, LJ Roberts, Ruth Tabancay, Margo Wolowiec

Guest Curator: Deborah Valoma, Professor and Chair, Textiles Program, CCA
Exhibition design: Ted Cohen
Curatorial Assistant: Ariel Zaccheo

AdminLines that Tie: Carole Beadle and Lia Cook
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