August 22, 2020–January 3, 2021

The custom motorcycle scene has exploded over the past decade, transitioning from a fringe pursuit into a mainstream phenomenon. MOTO MMXX will display custom motorcycles that epitomize and represent the best contemporary examples of this resurgence. Featuring motorcycles from around the globe, MOTO MMXX showcases innovative international builders, cutting-edge custom motorcycles, as well as material samples, models, sketches, and renderings that unveil the creative process behind the final product.

Reflecting a broad range of techniques that builders employ, guest curator Hugo Eccles offers a glimpse behind the curtain of the custom motorcycle scene allowing visitors the ability to experience both the finished ‘design’ and the ‘craft’ behind the glossy machines. Eccles, an industrial designer and motorcycle builder renowned for his radical, future-forward designs, is the co-founder and director of Untitled Motorcycles–a design company that creates and builds custom motorcycles for both private clients and for factory brands such as Ducati, Triumph, Yamaha, and Zero. MOTO MMXX will challenge the audience’s perception of the traditional motorcycle and highlight possible directions that the industry is going, can go or should go. It will showcase the actors and supporting characters, who design and build contemporary custom motorcycles using both traditional crafts and state-of-the-art technologies.

Participating Builders
Alexandru ‘Bibu’ Maslin, DesmoBIBU; Jens vom Brauck, JvB-moto; Matt Chambers, Jordan Cornille & Jason Cormier, Curtiss Motorcycles; Alex Earle, Earle Motors; Hugo Eccles, Untitled Motorcycles; Aaron & Shaun Guardado, Suicide Machine Co.; Kurosu Kaichiroh, Cherry’s Co.; Satya Kraus, Kraus Motor Co.; Ernest Lee, Combat Motors; Mike Mayberry, Ronin; Joey Ruiter, J.Ruiter; J. Shia, Madhouse Motors; Shinya Kimura, Chabott Engineering; Walt Siegl, Walt Siegl Motorcycles; Cristian Sosa, Sosa Metalworks; Kurt Walter, Icon 1000; Jack Watkins, Watkins Motorworks; Bill Webb, Huge Design; and Jay Wen & Jack Beresford, ETT.

Guest curator: Hugo Eccles

MOTO MMXX is temporarily closed to the public.

The Museum of Craft and Design has implemented strict protective measures, including sanitation stations, and directional signage to safely welcome visitors to view MOTO MMXX. Masks are required inside the galleries and the museum store. 

MOTO MMXX Artist Cards

Los materiales de la exposición MOTO MMXX en español


Virtual 360º viewing of MOTO MMXX

Enjoy a virtual 3D walkthrough of MOTO MMXX. To view it in full-screen, please click the icon on the bottom right corner. You will need to disable ad-blocking software in order to view:


The Museum of Craft and Design’s exhibitions and programs are generously supported by the Windgate Charitable Foundation and Grants for the Arts. Additional support is provided by Robyn and John Horn, Hunter Douglas, and Dorothy Saxe.

Support of MOTO MMXX generously provided by BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco, San Francisco Harley-Davidson, SF Moto Motorcycles and Scooters in San Francisco, Scuderia West, and Marin Speed Shop.


View MOTO MMXX Press Release. For more information and interview requests, contact Sarah Beth Rosales at or 415.773.0303.

Top Image: Alex Maslin, desmoBIBU, FrankenBlast, 2017, Image courtesy of Grant Schwingle




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