Place Making: Installations At Hayes And Octavia

July 17, 2011 – November 20, 2011

Place Making: Installations at Hayes and Octavia is the third in our series of dynamic pop-up museums in various locations throughout San Francisco. Exploring the potential of impermanence, we have been invited to be part of Hayes Valley’s innovative Proxy project, an evolving and temporary rotation of culture and commerce existing out of renovated shipping containers.

With three site-specific installations, the artists were motivated by themes of transparency, light or layering and responding to the site’s urban surroundings, developed distinct environment’s inspiring public interaction and engagement.

SF artist Andy Vogt opened up the exhibition with our first-ever Place Making event: a collaborative effort where MCD and the artist invited the public to work with him in building the installation. Provoking visitors to see value in re-imagining how we perceive our material world, Vogt created sculpted environment in a formerly vacant space using wood salvaged from construction sites.

Removing asphalt and rehabilitating soil to create a garden bed for planting, Jesse Schlesinger transformed the once barren city plot with a vibrant plant and sculpture installation. Public workshops and sculpting sessions offered a rare opportunity for community involvement in the evolution of the space and the overall installation.

TRILUX, designed by Future Cities Lab and artists Nataly Gattegno and Jason Kelly Johnson, is the final of three of our public art installations on view at Place Making. An experimental construction consisting of three vertical wooden lattice structures, visitors are encouraged to step into the woven interior and view the sky through one of the luminescent oculi at the top. A truly awe-inspiring and uniquely situated construct, TRILUX has served the community as a welcome space for social interaction and new ideas.

Photo: Nataly Gattegno and Jason Kelly Johnson, TRILUX, 2011. Photography: Adam Willis.

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