The Object in its Place, As Designed by Ted Cohen

September 4, 2021– January 23, 2022

The Museum of Craft and Design is proud to present a special exhibition celebrating the extraordinary career of Exhibition Designer Theodore (“Ted”) Cohen. Ted has described his techniques and visions in an informative book, The Object in Its Place: The Art of Exhibition Design by Ted Cohen, written by Signe Mayfield, featuring thousands of art objects he has designed in many places throughout his illustrious career. This exhibition brings art from the book to life, celebrating the “fabulous” career of Ted Cohen’s extensive years as an exhibition designer.

Because Ted has brought his design eye to so many artworks in so many spaces throughout so many years, it is hard to choose which objects to feature in a single place. We hope this special selection of works from some of his favorite places, artists, and collectors will give an inspiring glimpse into the aesthetic “worlds” he created. 

The exhibition, also designed by Ted Cohen, features artworks from the publication. Culling from museum exhibitions and private collections all designed by Ted’s discerning eye, the exhibition will feature a selection of works in wood, glass, fiber, and ceramics by celebrated artists, such as Mildred Howard, Robert Brady, June Schwartz, Wendy Murayama, Marilyn Levine, Mary White, Clifford Rainey, and Thurman Statum.

When Theodore Cohen puts The Object in Its Place, it is an exceptional and extraordinary result. He brings the object to life and makes each piece glow in its place. 


Guest Curator: Carol Covington

MCDThe Object in its Place, As Designed by Ted Cohen
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