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April 12, 2014 – June 15, 2014

This exhibition explores design and ethics. What is the designer’s role in a field designated to give shape to an idea, and recruited to serve economic interests without necessarily leaving room for moral consideration?

The phenomenon of “prestige” and “luxury” as a consumer validation is a reoccurring theme with the artist. What does the consumer actually purchase when he or she pays top dollar for a “BRAND” of wheat/flour, or table salt?

Works on display borrow shapes and images from the world of consumption and concepts from the field of consumer ethics. They explore the sometimes-arbitrary connection that products have to packaging, and the conditions in which the designer needs to operate.

Wheat is Wheat is Wheat is a humorous yet provocative commentary on global consumer culture that may just have us questioning our next purchase.

Exhibition sponsored by Consulate General of Israel to the Pacific Northwest in San Francisco and the Israel Center of the Jewish Community Federation.

The Museum of Craft and Design’s exhibitions and programs are generously supported by the Windgate Charitable Foundation and Grants for the Arts/San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund.

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