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Photo of an exhibition installation in a museum

The Museum of Craft and Design (MCD) makes creativity accessible to everyone.

The Museum of Craft and Design is the only museum in San Francisco devoted to craft and design. Founded in 2004, MCD showcases designers, makers and artists through an exciting and distinctive series of craft and design-focused exhibitions and public programs. As a non-collecting institution, the museum actively collaborates with artists, designers, museums and universities, as well as design venues and practitioners to create inspirational experiences in the world of craft and design for visitors of all ages.


You’re bold. You question the conventional notion of art. You are inspired by creativity that stirs the soul. And you value designers, makers and artists who are risk takers and seek to inspire the world. Visual culture thrives at the Museum of Craft and Design. We bring you the work of the hand, mind and heart. We are building a path to the future of creative expression.

Photos: (Above) Courtesy of Matthew Millman. (Right) Courtesy of Henrik Kam
Museum store entrance with jewelry display, scarves, books and more.


Through inspired exhibitions and experiential programs, MCD explores the creative process and current perspectives in craft and design.


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