Felt Decoded | Wool: Nature’s Technology

February 11, 2017 – June 4, 2017

FELT DeCoded
Wool: Nature’s Technology

Featuring work by artist Janice Arnold

From lacy wisps of wool to supple fabric to rock-like slabs – wool FELT is a textile of extremes. It is an extraordinary material with humble origins that has been an integral part of human life for millennia. It is a story of survival, sustainability, and evolution of a fabric and tradition so old it has become new again.

Exploring wool as Nature’s Technology is the premise of this exhibition, which will decode the process and analyze the science to reveal the unexpected beauty and versatility of wool felt.

Felt Decoded represents a comprehensive collection of work by Janice Arnold. Her work is informed by wool as a raw fiber, intrinsic in the practice of making Felt – a textile that represents the wisdom of our nomadic past – living in harmony with the earth. This textile is being rediscovered and reimagined as a fabric of the future for sustainability in industry, architecture, apparel and the arts.

Exhibition Artist/Curator: Janice Arnold

Felt Decoded | Wool: Nature’s Technology is generously sponsored by The Woolmark Company.


Introduction to the exhibition written by Marci Rae McDade, editor of Surface Design Journal, a contemporary international textile-arts periodical published in the US by Surface Design Association, a nonprofit arts and education organization.

MCDFelt Decoded | Wool: Nature’s Technology
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