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Artwork image looking like folded fabric but made of pale wood

Obsessive Reductive

February 1, 2014 – March 30, 2014

Guest Curator: Marc D’Estout

Obsessive Reductive is a group exhibition of 18 artists working in a variety of media including paper, wood, and metal. Participating artists share the common process of intricately, precisely, and “obsessively” removing material to create extraordinary imagery and sculpture.

Many of these works have reticulating patterns, and in some cases, the use of material absence is employed as a significant design element positioning negative space as a dominant element. The visual similarity of all featured works in Obsessive Reductive will be the concentrated detail and complexity of the work, despite the various approaches and media.

Drew Daly

Brian Dettmer

Jim Dingilian

Adam Feibelman

Theresa Ganz

Cal Lane

Bovey Lee

Chris Natrop

Aric Obrosey

Francesca Pastine

Lyndi Sales

Jill Sylvia

Leigh Salgado

Farnaz Shadravan

Kako Ueda

Annie Vought

Elise Wehle

Jared Yamanuha

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