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December 19, 2019–May 3, 2020 *Extended through August 2, 2020*

Guest Curator: 
Randy Jayne Rosenberg, Art Works for


Support for the exhibition is provided by Simpson Strong-Tie, National Endowment for the Arts, and the Nathan Cummings Foundation.

An exhibition exploring adaptable and sustainable housing in the age of climate change.

Within the exhibition, science, technology, architecture, and art converge to question the nature and purpose of survival within the context of climate change and natural disaster: How do we design and retrofit our built world to adapt to increased uncertainty and do it affordably? How do we produce dwellings that have a full life-cycle of durability pre, during, and post-disaster?

In Survival Architecture and the Art of Resilience, Art Works for Change invited visionary architects and artists to consider artistically interpretive solutions and prototypes for emergency shelter in a climate-constrained world. Large-scale and portable interactive architectural installations, models, photography, and drawings impress the importance and sociocultural relevance of emergency and survival housing in the age of climate change. Through invention, artistic playfulness, and innovation, artists will explore materials, technology, culture, and social activism to create a pioneering exhibition.

Andrew Maynard Architecture

Alejandro Aravena

Vincent Callebaut

Nathaniel Corum

Davison Design

Tina Hovsepian

IKEA Foundation

Chris Jordan

Liam Kelly

Thomas L. Kelly

Jingyang Liu Leo

Mary Mattingly

Achim Menges

Gerard Minakawa

William McDonough and Partners

Peta Fend and Malgorzata Pawlowska

The Empowerment Plan

Journeyman Pictures

Pedro Reyes

Phil Ross

Terreform ONE and Mitchell Joachim

Tomas Saraceno

Kevin Jin He and Won Ryu

ZO-Loft Architecture and Design

View the Survival Architecture and the Art of Resilience Press Release.

For more information and interview requests, contact Sarah Beth Rosales at or 415.773.0303.

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