MCD Speaker Series: Silvia Levenson

Silvia Levenson – Glass + Fiber Artist

Thursday, January 28, 2016, 6:30-8:00PM


This January, glass artist Silvia Levenson visits San Francisco to lead two days of programming to accompany her work in Without Camouflage. Dafna Kaffeman. Silvia Levenson. In our evening MCD Speaker Series event, Silvia will discuss her fierce feminist ideologies and how she uses glass as a narrative medium in order to speak to the viewer directly from her soul. The following Saturday, Levenson leads a hands-on Design Lab workshop where participants will learn more about her art-making process and mimic her style with an adapted photo transfer-to-glass technique. Born in Argentina, Silvia has lived in Italy since 1981, and maintains her studio in Lesa.


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