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CE Artist Spotlight: Gerald Wiggins

Sponsored by
Gerald Wiggins for MCD@Home at the Museum of Craft and Design


Recommended for ages 6 and up with adult supervision.


Gerald Wiggins, a Creativity Explored (CE) artist since 2008, says that, in making art, he is “not necessarily trying to say something to people. I’m just trying to make them happy, because there is not enough happiness.” Through his playful, creative, and precise artistic practice, Gerald meets his goal – crafting across mediums and creating colorful, complex works of art. Gerald’ eye-catching style is apparent in his pencil, marker, and graphite drawings as well as in his work with watercolors, ceramics, and digital printmaking software.

Along with fellow CE artists Joseph JD Green and Vincent Jackson, Gerald collaborated with design partner Ayana “Yanni” Brumfield for their Mode Brut installation. Yanni’s theme of Resilience, Representation, and Reflection directly reflects their experience as a Queer Black Artist and is comprised of garments which the four artists altered by painting directly on the fabric.

Continuing to bring people happiness through his art, Gerald co-authored this [email protected] project and invites crafters to adopt his practice and make their own ‘Textile Creation’ by utilizing his vibrant color-blocking technique!


Fabric markers
Canvas or denim fabric


  • Get a light colored canvas fabric.
  • Cut a square piece in whatever size you desire.
  • Draw on the fabric using fabric markers and Sharpies.
  • You can then use the canvas pieces to make a garment or use it as a hanging textile. You can also use these steps to draw on a canvas tote bag or pillow for example.


  • Experiment with different methods of painting on fabric. Visit Sew Guide’s article to get inspired!
  • How does this project change when you make a series of textile creations? 
  • Open up a magazine, draw an outline portrait of the first person you see. Can you create a portrait of a family or friend? How is it different to draw someone you know versus a stranger?
  • Experiment with different materials on the canvas. How do colored pencils, pastels, tempera sticks, or markers interact with the material?


  • Learn more about Gerald Wiggins and fellow CE Artist JD Green in CE’s Art Changes Lives 2017 video. Both Gerald and JD worked with Brumfield as part of Mode Brut.
  • Read more about Gerald’ experience creating for Mode Brut:
    • MCD: Where do you find inspiration? 
      • Gerald: Comes from a lot of different places, but really it comes from here (points to his heart).
    • MCD: What is your favorite material to work with? Why? 
      • Gerald: I like it all but I think I like pencil the best because you can put it with other materials like markers and sharpies and mix it all together.
    • MCD: How do you make art and come up with your ideas? 
      • Gerald: I think you have to think about it first and then you have to make it up as you go, then once you get to the bottom part you can check it all over again.
    • MCD: What part of making art for Mode Brut have you liked the most? 
      • Gerald: That’s hard to answer cause I like it all. I can’t say I just like one, I like it all.
    • MCD: What has been the hardest part about making art for Mode Brut
      • Gerald: If you’re not thinking about it or what to do, that’s the hardest part.


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