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Love Rocks

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Red crystal rock candy texture

Love Rocks

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Red crystal rock candy texture


Recommended for ages 6 and up with adult supervision.


Imagine love crystalizing and growing with this sweet project! Inspired by Overgrown (2015) by Atelier Mark Stukenboom, this project engages natural forces, the organic and inorganic, and the imprint of time to produce a beautiful, delectable treat sure to give your valentine a sugar rush of love.


Plateful of sugar

1 cup of water

Saucepan or pot

Stove top

Sticks (shish kabob or popsicle sticks)

Jar or cup (standard Ball jar is perfect)

Sheet of wax or parchment paper

Paper towel or plastic wrap

Approx. 1 week of time


Optional Materials:

Food Coloring


  • One by one, dip the sticks into the cup of water and then roll them in sugar. 
  • Make sure to cover the sticks entirely, but leave enough space to be able to easily hold the stick without getting your fingers sticky.
    TIP: Use a spoon to pile sugar over the stick.
  • Very lightly tap sticks to remove any excess sugar/water.
  • Place dipped sticks onto a sheet of wax or parchment paper and allow them to dry completely.
  • While sticks are drying, pour the cup of water into a pan and bring to a boil.
    NOTE: Always ask an adult for help when using the stove!

  • Add ½ cup of sugar into the pot and continuously stir.
  • Continue adding sugar until the crystals will no longer dissolve in the pot– about three to four cups of sugar in total.
    NOTE:A larger amount of syrup can be made, just keep the 1:3-4 water:sugar ratio consistent. Not using enough sugar may compromise the whole experiment!
    OPTIONAL: Add as little or as much food coloring as you like. 
  • Once the mixture is saturated and boiling, turn the heat off and allow it to cool for about 20 minutes.
  • When the mixture has cooled down (but still pretty warm), pour it into your selected container[s].
  • Place the sugar-coated sticks into the mixture and allow them to sit.
    NOTE: Make sure your sticks are fully dried before you dip them or the sugar will fall off.


Are you interested in learning more about crystallized structures? Download this template and practice drawing a few of your own.

Want to watch beautiful chemical reactions in extreme detail? Visit Envisioning Chemistry.


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