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Imagining Pi

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A patchwork of different colored squares


Recommended for ages 5 and up with adult supervision.


March 14th is International Pi Day! In honor of this mystical symbol—and in tandem with the virtual exhibition, Imagining Data—take a deep dive into the complex, irrational, and beautiful world of pi. Turn this abstract notion into a visible form with a little bit of color coding and a little bit of math!







Markers or paint

Digits of pi


  • Using a pencil and ruler, make a square graph equal in length and width.
    • EXAMPLE: 5in. x 5in., 6in. x 6in., etc.
  • Refer to the resource listed and select a number of digits of pi equal to the number of squares in the graph.
    • For example, a 5in. x 5in. graph will contain 25 squares.
  • In this case, 25 digits of pi would be necessary.
    • A larger number of digits will result in a more challenging project.
  • Either on the back of your sheet or on a separate piece of paper, create a key to match each digit from 0-9 to a color of your choice.
    • EXAMPLE: 1=red, 2=brown, 3=orange, etc.
    • OPTIONAL: On the same page as the color key, write down the digits of pi you will be using. This might make it easier to remember and keep track of the pattern.
  • Choose an order in which to fill the squares.
    • This example begins from the top-left corner and moves left-to-right, top-to-bottom.
  • Color in each square according to its corresponding color and digit until you have filled your entire graph.
  • When the graph has been completely filled, cut off the empty space around it.
  • Congratulations, you now have just created a physical representation of pi!

Visualize beyond:

  • Use a lazy susan or a drafting compass to create a Jill Baroff inspired creation where each digit corresponding color is represented by concentric circles.
  • Assign each digit to a different color of yarn and weave a wall tapestry on a homemade loom.
  • Artist John Sims quilted an entire series using this concept, demonstrating in just how many ways the process can be interpreted!


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