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Newspaper Architecture

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black and white newspaper


Recommended for ages 5 and up with adult supervision.


Build architectural structures with newspaper tubes!



Scotch or masking tape

Architectural inspiration

Pencil and paper for optional structure design


  • Check out images of structures in Survival Architecture and the Art of Resilience for some inspiration. Draw a diagram of your design if you like before you begin.
  • Collect newspapers around your home. Half pages are best, and smooth advertising paper is ideal. Check to make sure this newspaper is okay to use before you begin. Plain white paper will also work, but will make smaller tubes!
  • If pages are very large, tear them in half.
  • Using a half paper, pick one corner to begin rolling. You will be rolling diagonally. Gently and firmly wrap the small edge of the paper around.
  • It will probably be a bit crinkly at first, but that’s ok. Keep going!
    Continue rolling, trying to keep the paper as tight as possible. The tighter the roll, the firmer and stronger it will be. Just start over if it unrolls.
  • When you get to the end of the page, use one or more pieces of tape to stick the end down. You’ve finished one tube!
  • Keep making more tubes – the more the better! You may be able to make more than a single structure!
  • Once you have a good tube collection, you’re ready to start building. Pre-rip small tape pieces from your roll. Use tape to create the basic structure of your design – the longest, widest parts.
  • TIP: Build triangle shapes for the strongest structure by taping corners together. Don’t forget that you can fold newspaper tubes in half to tweak their length!
  • Once the basics of your structure are ready, add on any details you want. You can bend or cut newspaper tubes, decorate with full newspaper pages, or bring in additional materials!
  • After finishing your project, wash your hands well!


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