Announcing the West Coast debut and the last exhibition stop for Design by Time

San Francisco, CA (November 12, 2020) – The Museum of Craft and Design presents Design by Time, opening January 23 through April 25, 2021. Organized by Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, and curated by Ginger Gregg Duggan and Judith Hoos Fox of c2-curatorsquared, Design by Time explores how the dynamic passage of time can be embodied within design

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THE MOTO SCENE is sizzling this week, with Triumph launching its new Trident middleweight, news of a major custom exhibition in San Francisco, and Revival Cycles releasing a very sharp custom Husqvarna Svartpilen 401. And Germany’s Hookie Co have just shown how to tweak the Bonneville T100 without breaking the bank. Read the full article

As an immigrant myself, my works are inspired by the waves of immigration that the United States experienced since the first European settlements. The black and white symbols represent my own Mapuche identity. These types of geometric designs were often used in textiles, which date all the way back to 1300 AD. For centuries, Mapuche

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In Preparation  Deep cleaning and disinfection scheduled prior to staff returning  Wall mount hand sanitizer stations installed at key points: entrance, store, bathrooms, offices, MakeArt Lab, kitchen, storage, back door area  Plexiglass shield designed, fabricated, installed at front desk  Each desk furnished with sanitizer   All necessary products will be provided for staff and visitors including

“Grandpa’s Journey” displays the story of my maternal grandfather’s journey. His name was Aaron Galmitz and he made his journey from Russia to Rotterdam to New York’s Ellis Island. His first sighting of America was the Statue of Liberty. This iconic symbol of America meant so much to him. He learned English by going to

Living in California has been a blessing but that doesn’t’ mean that it was always easy. Especially coming from a low-income family with three older sisters. Living here is expensive, and my parents struggled as single parents, but they did their best to provide for us. Watching my parents struggle filled me with guilt, as

The Jackalope of Margaret Drive I made this jackalope in honor of my grandparents. It was displayed in the Hayward Area Historical Museum, in a group show honoring heritages. My grandparents lived in Hayward on Margaret Drive since just after my Mom was born. The Jackalope represents my Grandpa, who always had one of these

If you are Mormon and you go to church, even just sometimes, there’s a thing you can access– called the Bishop’s Storehouse– where you can go pick up pantry items for free. Within this storehouse, you would find those California-sized nacho cheese cans of Potato Pearls. All the kids would covet the pearls because they

My grandma’s father rode a boat to the U.S. to find a different life. Some of her siblings were born in Poland, and my grandma was born in the United States. She and her family lived on one hill in a railroad city in Pennsylvania, close to the manufacturing plants, and my grandpa’s family lived