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Celebrate 100 years of Bauhaus at these two new exhibits

October 2019

This year marks the 100-year anniversary of the first Bauhaus school opening in Weimar, Germany. Bauhaus—from 1919 to 1933—brought together arts, crafts, and industry with a focus on aesthetics and objects. Though it lasted only a few years, it forever changed design.

Today’s architecture has Bauhaus roots (e.g., white, curves, glass corner), which can be seen in many contemporary buildings, especially those of the Silicon Valley variety. And you can still purchase Bauhaus items like a Junghans wristwatch (with its evocative number “4”) by industrial designer Max Bill; Alessi’s series of ashtrays, like this one designed by Marianne Brandt; or Marcel Breuer’s tubular-steel Wassily Chair. Read Brock Keeling’s full article on Curbed here.


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