Mode Brut

September 4, 2021– January 23, 2022

In collaboration with Creativity Explored, the Museum of Craft and Design is excited to present a fashion-related exhibition featuring unique designs by over 50 Creativity Explored artists. Mode Brut will highlight their practices through textile-based work while inviting collaborators (artists, designers, and brands) to produce and design alongside artists with developmental disabilities.

The exhibition challenges museumgoers to think past the familiar modes of apparel by redefining what, and who, is fashionable. It encourages viewers to consider the role fashion can play in responding to questions about accessibility, gender roles, and identity, through the lens of artists with developmental disabilities and at the corner of Visual Arts, Fashion, and Outsider Art. Mode Brut explores the possibility of reinventing the concept of fashion: using odd materials or recycled fabrics, thinking about gender and gender identity through fashion, considering body shapes for adaptive clothing, and more. The display will follow, allowing organic narratives to take place while using the “fashion show” segment as the center of the story, aiming to create stylish, innovative, and humorous compositions.

Focusing on art practice as fashion, the exhibition will feature four collections of inspiring new fashions made by designer teams alongside local artists with developmental disabilities: Creativity Explored Studio Line, community art collective Bonanza, Queer advocate and model Yanni Brumfield, and San Francisco-based Haute Couture fashion brand Tokyo Gamine.

The Museum of Craft and Design’s exhibitions and programs are generously supported by the Windgate Charitable Foundation and Grants for the Arts. Additional support is provided by Robyn and John Horn, Hunter Douglas, and Dorothy Saxe.

Support of Mode Brut is provided by Pamela and David Hornik.

About Creativity Explored:
For the past 36 years, Creativity Explored has given artists with developmental disabilities the means to create and share their work with the community, celebrating the power of art to change lives. Located in the vibrant cultural and dining corridor that crosses San Francisco’s Mission District, Creativity Explored provides a supportive studio environment, including individualized instruction from mentoring artists, quality supplies, and professional opportunities to exhibit and sell their art. The organization establishes these artists’ work as an emerging and increasingly important contribution to the contemporary art world.





Image Caption: Thomas Pringle, Untitled (Kimono), 2018, mixed media on kimono. © Creativity Explored Licensing, LLC

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