Encoded Holidays: Gary Hutton x Tom Bonauro

February 26–August 15, 2021

A 30-Year Multi-Media Project by Two Bay Area Design Visionaries

For 30 years Bay Area designers Gary Hutton and Tom Bonauro collaborated on holiday cards sent to a glittering international list of clients, friends and fans of Hutton’s interior design practice. These yearly projects, which the designers refer to as “sculptures-in-a-box”, are better understood as conceptual art practice that engages with, but is not bounded by traditional notions of craft and design.

“Encoded Holidays: Gary Hutton x Tom Bonauro” advances material innovations and graphic design virtuosity while managing to be joyful, expressive and relentlessly new. Each year features different, unexpected materials like graphite, aluminum, brushes or glass to establish an elided visual language embedded with mystery and wintery feeling.

Lifting the curtain on their creative process, this exhibition reveals that projects are abstracted snapshots of Hutton’s recent history; autobiography from a detached, transpersonal distance that is further transformed by experiments in materiality, beauty and design.

MCDEncoded Holidays: Gary Hutton x Tom Bonauro
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