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Sculptural Hat in bronze and silver and painting in background

Beyond the Pour II: The Creative Process

August 20, 2016–January 22, 2017

Guest Curator

Bob Nugent


Guest curated by artist Bob Nugent, Beyond the Pour II: The Creative Process showcases original works of art, with a focus on the creative methods artists engage to bring their inspirations to fruition.

For over thirty years, Nugent has commissioned established and emerging visual artists, including Tom Foolery, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Sol LeWitt, and Catherine Wagner, to create works of art for translation to vintage varietal wine labels for the Imagery Estate Winery. The only artistic requirement Nugent and the Imagery Estate stipulate is the inclusion of winery’s trademark “Parthenon” image in the finished artwork­–not the Athenian Acropolis Temple, but the funky structure that sits on the terraced hillside vineyards overlooking the Benziger Family Ranch in Glen Ellen, California.

Presenting more than 50 original works of art, from photography and works on paper to painting and collage, Beyond the Pour II utilizes the ubiquitous wine label to highlight the collection and to provide visitors with unique insights into select artists’ creative methodologies. Through the presentation of video, text, and visual documentation, the exhibition highlights the artistic processes of a number of the featured commissioned artists, from inspiration, conceptualization, execution, to final presentation of the artwork on the estate’s wine labels.

Beyond the Pour II: The Creative Process is generously sponsored by Imagery Estate Winery and in partnership with the Triton Museum of Art.

Above Image: Robert McCauley, At the End of the Day, 2001. Image courtesy of the artist.

Jenny Honnert Abell

Barton Benes

Tony Berlant

James Brown

Patti Buttitta

Barry Buxkamper

Elaine Coombs

Richard Derwingson

Christel Dillbohner

Dominic DiMare

Ken Edwards

Carlos Estevez

Don and Era Farnsworth

Tom Foolery

John Fraser

Stephen Galloway

Sam Gilliam

Guy Laramée

Lynn Hershman Leeson

Sol LeWitt

Pam Longobardi

Winifred Lutz

Robert McCauley

Carrie McGee

Jim Melchert

Kenna Moser

Dann Nardi

Heather Patterson

Judy Pfaff

Otavio Roth

Sylvia Seventy

Alan Shepp

Steven Sorman

Buzz Spector

Monika Steiner

Catherine Wagner

Michelle Word

Cybele Young

View the full press release of Beyond the Pour II: The Creative Process here.

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