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Bridget Parlato

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A woman wears an ornate lace-looking white collar.

Bridget Parlato

A woman wears an ornate lace-looking white collar.

In Honor of Her Honor – Ginsberg Lace Collar Warrior Breastplate

Paper, glaze medium, hemp cord, thread

This piece is a lace collar/warrior breastplate fashioned from the dissenting cases of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It is both a dedication to Her Honor, the Supreme Justice, and a symbol of encouragement for women everywhere to find and use their voices to speak for themselves, social justice, environmental justice, or any other matters they feel passionate about. Women need parity in this world.

Ginsburg was a warrior, using her voice to speak out about issues she felt strongly about in an effort to pursue fairness, equality, and equity. She was diligent, thorough, and had an incredible work ethic.

The piece is comprised of 1000 paper beads cut from printouts of Ginsburg’s dissenting cases. The strips were then rolled, glazed, and strung to create the “lace” pattern, influenced by Native American warrior breastplates. Native American breastplates were worn as armor/ornamentation and many believed that by wearing one, a spiritual advantage was obtained during hunting and battles. This paper bead breastplate, printed with its ideals and opinions, stands as a symbol, one that reminds us that the spiritual advantage has to come from within. The source of that advantage is our own strength as modern-day warriors to use our voices.

Bridget Parlato, In Honor of Her Honor – Ginsberg Lace Collar Warrior Breastplate, 2021. Image courtesy of the artist



Bridget Parlato is an interdisciplinary designer/artist/activist in Baltimore, MD. Her work includes a large variety of cause-related and community projects She is the sole proprietor of a freelance graphic design business, Full Circuit Studio, and Baltimore Trash Talk, a citizen-run anti-trash initiative.

Parlato regularly partners with governmental and non-governmental organizations, non-profits, and fellow artists on projects that bring attention to societal and environmental issues.

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