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Kasia Ozga

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Kasia Ozga

Nothing to See Here

Thread on textile on wooden stretchers

The series, Nothing to See Here, builds on two previous projects; sewn drawings of outlines of pregnant human figures on watercolor paper and the Occultente project, sculptures of tents sewn from blackout fabric. In the present body of work, I sewed line drawings of scenes of migrant border crossings in black thread on scraps of textiles leftover from the tents. The textiles are presented on individual wooden stretchers and can be shown individually or in groups.

Created in response to the Trump administration’s family separation policy in 2018, the sewn drawings depict places of crossing as well as immigrant detention centers and camps housing Latin American immigrants in the US and African and Middle Eastern Migrants in Europe (particularly detention facilities involving child migrant detainees). The images themselves come from publicly available press photographs published in print and online. Some depict buildings that house migrants on a temporary or long-term basis, others feature anonymous individuals or groups of people at various scales of magnification.
The images are alternately visible and totally opaque, depending on the angle at which light hits the black-on-black threaded drawings on fabric.

The title refers to the ironic expression and police phrase, “nothing to see here move along,” which is often said to a crowd of people that have collected at the scene of an accident or crime and who the officer wishes to disperse without communicating the cause of the crime or accident. It is a sarcastic commentary on ongoing Western public attitudes towards poor refugees and migrants trapped in degrading conditions at the borders of wealthy countries.

Kasia Ozga, Nothing to See Here, 2019. Image courtesy of the artist


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Kasia Ozga is a Polish-French-American contemporary artist based between Chicago, IL and Saint-Étienne, France. She reuses, revalues, and reanimates mass-produced materials into singular artworks to invert the associations we make with different types of waste.Ozga is a former Kosciuszko Foundation Fellowship recipient, Harriet Hale Woolley grantee from the Fondation des Etats-Unis, Jerome Fellowship recipient at Franconia Sculpture Park, and Paul-Louis Weiller award recipient from the French Académie des Beaux-Arts. Her work has been exhibited widely in over 10 different countries and she has participated in residencies in Europe and North America (Shakers, Nekatoenea, Pépinières Européennes de Création, ACRE, KHN).

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