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DIY Honey Bear Hunt

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DIY Honey Bear Hunt MCD@Home project with the Museum of Craft and Design


Recommended for ages 12 and up with adult supervision (ages 4 and up for coloring steps).


If you live or spend time in San Francisco, you’ve probably seen at least one of fnnch’s iconic honey bears. As the Covid-19 pandemic hit the Bay Area this spring, these fun artworks took on new meanings, both in content and in use. Masked bears, bears with wine in hand, and bears transformed into sanitizer dispensers gave a lighthearted and relatable spin to the moment. Always making and innovating, Fnnch also developed limited production Honey Bear Hunt Kits–comprised of large, themed bears to be taped up in the front windows of homes and businesses. Hunt participants are included on an international map, giving honey bear hunters the perfect excuse to get out and get some fresh air! Use fnnch’s printable/traceable template to create, personalize, and contribute your own timely honey bear.


Honey bear template
Printer or Laptop/tablet/monitor screen
Standard white printer paper
Tape or glue stick
Marker or black pen
4+ colors of colored pencil, marker, crayon, paint, or another coloring tool


  • If you have access to a printer, print the above template.
  • If you do not have a printer:
    • Resize the template to be visible from your front window.
    • Place a piece of paper over the screen and lightly trace the lines using a pencil. If your screen is upright, just be patient with the awkward angle.
    • Continue onto new pieces of paper if needed.
  • Place paper(s) on a table.
  • If using more than one piece of paper, match your lines up and tape or glue stick the seams securely, from the back.
  • Fix any lines that don’t quite match.
  • Trace over pencil lines using marker or pen.
  • Erase any remaining pencil marks once you’re done.
  • Add light and dark colors to the bear. Follow fnnch’s typical pattern, or get creative!
  • Reinforce any seams from the front.
  • Choose additional symbols and accessories.
  • What could this bear be holding or wearing?
  • Draw and cut out the add-ons.
    OPTIONAL: Use construction paper or collage elements for added effect.
  • Cut out your honey bear shape, and affix any other design elements.
  • Tape the bear to your window, starting with one piece of tape at the top. Make sure to check the view from outside before taping it firmly down.



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