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MCD’s Designing Change series focuses on the ability of creative individuals to inspire meaningful change for themselves and their communities. With all of the paradigm shifts and status quo disruptions of 2020, this year’s Designing Change moves away from a single-focus event and instead becomes an ongoing framework for designer, artist, and change-maker profiles—allowing MCD to continue to tell the stories of people making a difference, as difference is made.

Girls Garage is located in Berkeley, CA and we got to speak with founder Emily Pilloton about the inspiration behind the nonprofit design and building program (and dedicated workspace!) for girls and female-identifying youth ages 9-18. Watch the full interview here or below.

From immediate PPE production to a total reconfiguration of the way they conduct classes, Girls Garage didn’t hesitate to “fearless and build more” when 2020 took a turn for the worse.

Get a hands-on introduction to Girls Garage with two MCD@Home projects, Mechanical Thinking Collection and Plan, Section, Elevation developed by Emily.

Check out the Museum of Craft and Design’s Designing Change conversation with Girls Garage Founder and Executive Director, Emily Pilloton.


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