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Imagining Data



Purple 3D floating cross on the river
Purple 3D floating cross on the river
PLAYLAB, INC. and Family New York in collaboration with Floating Point; POOL Light, 2019. Image courtesy of artists.

Imagining Data

Virtual Exhibition

Guest Curator:


Over the years data has become a buzzword, and a precious commodity—what we divulge through online activity is more valuable than the purchases and transactions we may be making. Our current status—personal, societal, political, environmental—can be described in terms of numbers and algorithms. Even the Covid-19 pandemic has made statistics an international obsession as we follow contagion, spikes, vaccine efficacy rates, and hospital capacities.

Guest curated by Ginger Duggan and Judy Fox of c2-curatorsquared, Imagining Data presents a selection of artists from around the world, who are showing what data can look like, in paintings, drawings, sculpture, audio-visual installation, fashion, and even performance. Data visualization is a discipline unto itself and is by no means a new way of making art. The artists showcased in this exhibition are developing systems to transform data into images, rationalizing the image-making process while creating resonating works of art. Participating artists and designers and their data-inspired work are divided into four subject areas: Natural/Environmental ConditionsPersonal BiometricsCommunal Movement, and Randomized Content.

Jill Baroff

Alicja Biala/Iwo Borkowicz

Louis Cameron

Tiffany Chung

Ghost of a Dream and Jennifer Dalton

Ben Doessel/James Lee

Ekene Ijeoma

Spencer Finch

Richard Ibghy/Marilou Lemmens

Nina Katchadourian

Giorgia Lupi

Aude Moreau

Katie Paterson

Dario Robleto

Evan Roth

PLAYLAB, INC. and Family New York in collaboration with Floating Point

Melati Suryodarmo

Alison Tsai

Norwood Viviano

Jorinde Voigt

Lee M. Walton

Andrew S. Yang

Yu-Wen Wu

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