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Quick Pressed Flowers

Sponsored by
Quick Pressed Flowers MCD@Home project from the Museum of Craft and Design


Recommended for ages 5 and up with adult supervision.


Immortalize scenes of summer with this quick method to produce beautiful pressed flowers.


3-6 pieces of white construction or sketchbook paper
Scrap corrugated cardboard
Fresh flowers
4-15 rubber bands

For the suggested project:
Clear contact paper or clear packing tape
Hole punch
Embroidery thread
OPTIONAL: Beads, rhinestone embellishments, scrap paper, glitter


  • Collect a variety of fresh flowers and leaves, keeping colors and shapes in mind.
    • Try to avoid large, bulky flowers such as roses.
    • Make sure you are collecting flowers from places where you have permission to do so.
    • A pair of scissors or snips can help during the collection process.
  • Fold sheets of paper in half, widthwise.
  • Cut 2 pieces of corrugated cardboard to same size as folded paper or in a single piece large enough to hold the papers like a folder.
  • Place fresh flowers and leaves in a single layer within each piece of folded paper. Use more or less paper as needed.
  • Sandwich folded papers between the corrugated cardboard pieces.
  • Secure the whole package together with rubber bands.
  • Place package in the microwave for 1 minute.
  • Let package cool for a few minutes before removing from the microwave.
  • Remove rubber bands and open package.
  • Carefully open each folded paper, checking on the status of your flowers and leaves.
  • Gently remove the items and set them aside.

Summer Reading Bookmarks:

  • Cut contact paper at approximately 7″ x 4.”
  • Fold contact paper down the middle, lengthwise, with the backing paper on the inside of the fold.
  • Experiment with flower placement and try different design layouts.
  • When ready, set flowers aside, then remove the backing paper from the adhesive.
  • Place flowers where desired.
  • Refold contact paper so both halves line up, securing flowers in place.
  • Use the handle of scissors to press contact paper around the flowers.
  • Cut any excess edges.
  • Use a hole punch to make the hole near the top/center of the bookmark.
  • Loop a length of embroidery thread through the hole.
  • Thread beads onto embroidery thread and knot in place.
  • Add extra adhesive embellishments as desired.

Multi-Use Decorations:

  • Cut a length of clear packing tape and place sticky-side up, by folding about ½ inch of each end under and securing to a hard surface.
  • Place leaves and flowers along the strip of tape, as desired. • Stretch out more packing tape at a length slightly longer than the first piece.
  • Place the second piece of tape, sticky side down, over the flowers on the first piece.
  • Press tape together securely.
  • Pull or cut the tape away from your surface and trim any excess or uneven edges.
  • Use your new, clear flower banner as a votive embellishment (just tape the ends together), sun catcher or cut up into pieces for a mobile (use hole punch for hanging points)!


  • Many more dried flower crafts can be found here!


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