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Sponsored by
Tsunagi MCD@Home project from the Museum of Craft and Design


Recommended for ages 4 and up with adult supervision.


Design partner Tokyo Gamine (founded by Yuka Uehara in 2015) worked with 10 Creativity Explored (CE) artists to create the “Kizuna” collection for Mode Brut. The installation features garments created and painted on by Uehara and embellished with the designs of CE artists. Intended to reflect our connection to the natural world and its elements, these clothes highlight the relationship between the movement of the wearer and the design of the garments. In discussing the installation’s themes and intention, Uehara says: 

“I am exploring this idea of oneness from chaos and harmony found in the natural world. I have received many ideas from mythology, psychoanalysis, cultural traditions, and various systems of spirituality.”

Tsunagi (繋), meaning “to connect to” in Japanese”, further explores Eastern cosmology and its possibilities within the contemporary world. This [email protected] project, authored by Uehara, invites crafters to create their own Mode Brut-inspired artworks with a pre-designed template and creatively reframe their personal relationships with nature and the world.

MakeArt Kits featuring the template, prompts, and materials for this project are available at MCD for all of November 2021. PLUS: Join Tokyo Gamine and MCD for a virtual MakeArt Lab workshop that incorporates these themes into a wearable, painted garment! Admission tickets and kits available via the MCD Store.


Template printed on paper
Crayons, pencils, pastels, or markers: green, yellow, red, black, blue, and gray
Steven Hixson’s sound created for the exhibition


  • Print out the Tsunagi template.
  • Make a wish. Use a green colored marker/crayon to draw or write down the wish in, on, or around the left circle. 
  • Write the number 3 below the circle. 
  • Using the color yellow, write or draw your favorite sweets in the six rectangular shapes. 
  • Think of something or someone you love. Draw a big heart using the color red where the triangle is. 
  • Find the gray wave mark on the right of the triangle. Use the color gray to write or draw the last time something/someone made you cry. 
  • Play Steven Hixson’s sound created for the exhibition. 
  • Locate the black snake-like shape in the middle of the paper. Using the black color marker, draw or add something on it so that it no longer looks like a snake.
  • Keep this in your room, let it remind you of the wish you made.
  • If and when your wish in step one comes true, fill in the circle on the right side. Then sign your name below the circle with the number 8.



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