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Spare Parts Moto

Sponsored by
Spare Parts Moto MCD@Home project at the Museum of Craft and Design


Recommended for ages 8 and up with adult supervision.


Gather together an assortment of recycled materials, and build a sustainable, custom moto bike of your own to celebrate the new exhibition MOTO MMXX. Your bike will be one-of-a-kind, just like many of the pieces in the show!


Motorcycle template
Spare hardware materials (ie: allen wrench, screws, sponge, cork, clips)
Dowels, chopsticks, toothpicks, old ballpoint pens, paper clips or skewers
Pipe cleaners or wire
Thin paper or newspaper
Cardboard and/or plastic
Hot glue
OPTIONAL: Paper and pencil for design, stickers, pom poms, or other embellishments


  • Trace, print, draw, or view a motorcycle template online as your guide. You’ll be able to match individual parts more easily this way.
  • Inspired by your diagram or image, find materials to stand in for motorcycle parts. Choose your materials based on shape, texture, size, or imaginative potential. •
  • Parts include:
    • Fork
    • Frame
    • Wheels
    • Engine
    • Exhaust
    • Headlights
    • Fenders
    • Seat—and more!
  • Your design might include many details, or be minimalist, imitating basic shapes. Cut and alter materials as needed.
  • Will your wheels turn or will they be fixed?
    • For kinetic wheels, remember that you will need 2 axles, one for each wheel.
    • Fixed wheels will be slightly easier to construct and will help the bike stand up better.
  • Trim, combine, or decorate materials to create the shapes you want.
  • Begin building, using hot glue or other strong adhesive to hold pieces together.
    TIP: Build large parts of the motorcycle frame first. Check as you go to make sure that it will stand up. You can also consider how to craft a kick stand.
  • Glue or wire smaller parts onto the motorcycle body.
  • Check your motorcycle’s appearance from both sides.
  • Find a backdrop for your motorcycle! Where do you imagine it going?



Share your project! Post and tag #MCDatHome


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