Pop-Up: Charlotte Kruk – Eye Candy

November 15, 2012 – January 25, 2013

Charlotte Kruk – EYE CANDY is our fifth pop-up exhibition and its timing is delightfully festive.

Bay Area artist Charlotte Kruk creates wearable sculptures that humorously comment on a culture often known for comparing women, particularly well-dressed women, to decorations, consumables, even eye candy.

With an obsessive-compulsive approach to the assembly of her designs, she initiates a dialogue on packaging, brand association, and power structure. Her designs are crafted from a range ofdiscarded candy wrappings, cake mix boxes, and other various packaging, which are used as her primary palette.

Kruk’s sculptures also direct a commentary on the gluttony and wastefulness of a disposable, packaged society. Kruk is fascinated by the energy and creativity involved in making flashy packaging – carefully researched branding and graphics that seduce – encouraging consumers to purchase, only to later discard their initial allure to rubbish. Reinventing these discards as her palette, she transforms the inherent beauty of these discards into multi-layered works of beauty…with a bite.

Curated by Marc D’ Estout, Museum of Craft and Design.

Exhibition opens November 15, 2012 and runs through January 25, 2013 at the Dopatch Café & Gallery, 2295 Third Street at 20th, San Francisco, CA 94107. Open daily, 7AM – 6PM, free admission, street parking.


Photo: Charlotte Kruk, El FlaM&Menco, 2010/2011, mixed media. Photography: Keay Edwards.


AdminPop-Up: Charlotte Kruk – Eye Candy
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