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Nasim Moghadam

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A large free-standing replica of a passport.

Nasim Moghadam

A large free-standing replica of a passport.

Birth Certificate

Archival pigment print, plywood, metal, fabric

Nasim Moghadam’s research explores the identity of women concerning culture and society. Using materials such as glass, fabric, wood, hair, and dirt, Moghadam is interested in bringing to light the restriction and limitations placed on females and their bodies. This act of reclamation finds inspiration in the efforts of women worldwide who are defending their basic, undeniable rights.
The Birth Certificate is a monumental sculptural installation enlarging eight pages of her birth certificate booklet. It is made out of materials such as archival pigment print, plywood, fabric, and metal. This work is a representation of female hyphenated identity in the Middle East and especially Iran as a way of showing the impacts of the restrictive traditions, traumatic memories, exploring inside the culture, and exhibiting what it means to be a woman.

Nasim Noghadam, Birth Certificate, 2019. Image courtesy of the artist


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Nasim Moghadam is a visual artist working across multiple disciplines, including photography, video, and sculptural installations. Her work attempts to deconstruct the roles of power and gender in Middle Eastern Culture in order to address subjects such as femininity, discrimination, and identity. Identity and representation are being questioned in Moghadam’s work by going back to her Iranian culture. Nasim received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2018 and her BFA in graphic design from Azad University, Central Tehran Branch in 2002.

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