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A New Online Exhibit Shows How Architects And Designers Are Confronting COVID-19 – With Outmoded Ideas And Products Nobody Needs

June 2020

Back in the days when COVID-19 was still an epidemic centered in the Hubei province of China, a Chinese architect named Sun Dayong posted some computer-generated graphics on Instagram showing a man wearing a carbon composite shield nearly as big as a bathtub. According to the caption, the apparatus was “a wearable space device that can effectively isolate us outdoors to ensure safety”, which Sun created using “the bionic design principle, taking bats as the prototype”. Sun chose bats because they might be the carriers of the novel coronavirus, and might therefore know a thing or two about how to survive it. He called his invention Be a Bat Man. In case anyone missed the superhero allusion, the back of his suit mimicked Batman’s iconic wings. – Read the full article by Jonathon Keats’ on Forbes.


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