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Cassie Arnold

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A beige sweater with phrases knitted into it in black yarn.

Cassie Arnold

A beige sweater with phrases knitted into it in black yarn.

Stereotype Sweater (Women’s Edition)

Hand knit ultimate merino wool, superbaby alpaca

Cassie Arnold’s current body of work explores the unspoken and taboo topics connected to life as a woman. Whether it be inspired by miscarriage, breastfeeding, or the transformative female form, her art encourages all people to engage in an open and unashamed dialogue. By using traditional fiber techniques like knitting, she hopes to change the cultural narrative of “women’s work.” Stitch by stitch, her goal is to challenge the stereotypes surrounding females, their bodies, their work, their capabilities, and their lives.

Cassie Arnold, Stereotype Sweater (Women’s Edition), 2020. Photo courtesy of the artist.


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Cassie Arnold, Stereotype Sweater (Women’s Edition), 2020; Itty Bitties (Self Portrait), 2021;  Fighter. Survivor., 2021; and Tired and Overworked (Nursing During a Pandemic), 2020.


Cassie received her BFA in Visual Art Studies from the University of North Texas. She has spent the last decade teaching in both private and public secondary schools and has showcased her work in Mother Art Prize, Birth Rites Collection in London, Fantastic Fibers International Exhibition and numerous other Fine Art exhibitions around the United States and Europe. Cassie’s work has been featured in international publications such as Maker’s Magazine’s Women’s Issue, Friend of the Artist, SLEEK Magazine, Vogue Russia, and Fiber Art Now’s Excellence in Fibers Exhibition. Cassie, her poet husband, and three girls live, work, and play in Denton, Texas.

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