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SV Randall

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people in the desert holding up large scale mirrors.

SV Randall

people in the desert holding up large scale mirrors.

Accumulation Jugs

Found objects collected along the Mexico / United States border

The mirage is a taunting illusion. It takes the form of something which does not exist in an environment when the viewer might need it most. The mirage can not be obtained, it can not offer sustenance in the form of water, and it can not be reached. SV Randall began a large body of work to create a connection between the mirage and concepts of “the virtual” as both are immaterial, unknowable, and beyond our ability to touch.

This initial line of research snowballed into so much more than SV could have imagined including a sculptural installation with excavated earth, a video working with nano- scientists who are engineering cloaking devices, and the largest collaborative performance piece he has ever worked on.

In April of 2018, 150 community members met in the desert for 1 hour along the border between Mexico and the United States with the shared goal of collectively creating our own mirage. This performative gesture was photographed. All of the participants were volunteers holding up mylar on coroplast panels. He is still amazed and eternally grateful for everyone who showed up to make this work possible.

SV Randall, Making a Mirage. Image courtesy of the artist


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SV Randall, risesun/setsun, Silversuit and Echo Transmission, Making a Mirage, Making a Mirage, Accumulation Jugs. Images courtesy of the artist


SV Randall is an interdisciplinary artist from Buffalo, NY. He received his MFA in Sculpture + Extended Media from VCU and his BFA from Alfred University. His work has been exhibited at David & Schweitzer Contemporary, Brooklyn, NY; the El Paso Museum of Art, El Paso, TX; Ditch Projects, Eugene, OR; and the Museo de Arte de Ciudad Juárez in Mexico. SV is the recipient of the Toby Devin Lewis Fellowship Award and has most recently participated in residencies at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture (Skowhegan, ME), Sculpture Space (Utica, NY), the Fine Arts Work Center (Provincetown, MA), the Vermont Studio Center (Johnson, VT), and the Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program (Roswell, NM). He is currently an Assistant Professor of Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Texas at Dallas.

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