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The’Shima Craver

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The’Shima Craver

Real Easy Like Sunday Mornings, 2021

Toilet paper, Sharpie, brass plate

Right now consists of five art artifacts made out of toilet paper. Each manipulated as a direct response to the prompt “What does it mean to be black in America right now?”

The’Shima Craver, Real Easy Like Sunday Mornings, 2021. Photo courtesy of the artist



The’Shima Craver is an interdisciplinary artist based out of Dayton, OH. Her work explores the nowness of black experience and womanhood through poetry, material, performance and painting. The combination of literature and art creates a narrative and system on how to grapple with and address suffering simultaneously. She attended the art academy of Cincinnati for undergrad, finishing with a bachelors in fine arts and illustration. After completing her degree she entered the field of teaching, primarily working with grade school children.

In 2019 she began the MFA program at CCAD in efforts to transition from teaching grade school to higher education, while also pursuing her artistry. The’Shima thrives to implement representation and diversity in the classroom, ultimately creating a learning environment that is inclusive to people of color.

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