Proxistant Vision

November 11, 2022 – March 19, 2023

Bull.Miletic is currently working on a research project focused on the surge of aerial imaging technologies such as observation wheels, drones, and satellites. Through this research, Bull.Miletic explore what they call proxistance, a cultural technique that combines proximity and distance, close-up and overview, detail and the big picture. Most significantly, the artists recognize a particular type of proxistance manifested through smooth flyover effects in digital maps, computer games, architectural models, data visualizations and CGI cinema as a dominant visual modality of our time. The key objective of this research project was twofold: to trace the genealogy and understand the operation of this cultural technique as well as to explore its alternative potentialities through their art practice and practices of generations of artists with related agendas. Over the course of four years, Bull.Miletic developed and exhibited the prototypes of three robotic video installations (Ferriscope, Venetie and Zoom Blue Dot) and published a number of scholarly texts and articles. This research is being conducted at the University of Oslo, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, University of Chicago and University of California, Berkeley in partnership with artists, engineers, scientists and scholars from around the world.

Bull.Miletic created Zoom Blue Dot at UC Berkeley; received their MFAs in the New Genres program at SFAI, were artists in residence at Headlands Center for the Arts; and have been honored to work with Anglim Gilbert Gallery since 2005. They consider San Francisco as their true artistic “home base” in the United States and are pleased to premiere their five year, art & tech research project, Proxistant Vision at the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco.

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