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Explore a variety of at-home, hands-on projects developed in tandem with MCD’s exhibitions, local artists, and partner organizations. This all-ages archive is continually growing, featuring easily accessible materials, links to related reading and videos, and exciting opportunities to expand beyond the parameters of each project with creative prompts for more. 

Our downloadable templates encourage you to print instructions and unplug so you can craft and design unhindered by screens!


Since the summer of 2020, MCD has been partnering with artists and community collaborators to create new content for at-home projects based on the themes, concepts, and, materials found within the museum’s signature programs and exhibitions. Check out over 70 downloadable MCD@Home projects below and get creating!

Color Catchers

Color Catcher

This project incorporates natural light, color, geometry, and architecture elements for a version of a stained glass window that will make sunlight dance!

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Spirit Animal Totem

Spirit Totem

Join MCD and our featured artist Dolores Gray as we explore Native American concepts of “total use” and spirit totems.

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Awesome Assemblage

Awesome Assemblage

Learn how to turn any old, broken, or unwanted objects into intriguing free-standing sculptures and installations.

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Ripped cardboard

Cardboard Paper Mache

Learn how to transform your cardboard clutter into a strong and versatile sculpting material with just a few simple steps.

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Land Art

Forage Art

These project prompts encourage you to create art through the process of gathering and arranging materials– without utilizing any additional tools or supplies.

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A heart-shaped red box with a gold glitter top

Bespoke Heart

Use different papers, recycled materials, and more to tailor custom containers for all your special someones.

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Hand holding an hourglass

Sands of Time

Race against the clock and see how quickly you can build a majestic hourglass of your own.

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Map of San Francisco Bay Area

Recognizing Bay Area Roots

Use clay (foraged or purchased!) or homemade salt dough to create a 3D puzzle map exploring the pre-Columbian history of San Francisco and its neighboring regions.

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Loom and a jumble of yarn

Wall Woven Calendar

Create a textile of a period of time – be it a week, month, or year – by adding a different piece of material to a weaving loom or frame each day.

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Jellyfish swimming

Jammin’ Jellyfish

With temperatures heating up, it’s the perfect time to make a crafty splash with paper mache jellyfish!

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Red crystal rock candy texture

Love Rocks

Imagine love crystalizing and growing with this sweet project!

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A patchwork of different colored squares

Imagining Pi

March 14th is International Pi Day! In honor of this mystical symbol—and in tandem with the virtual exhibition, Imagining Data—take a deep dive into the complex, irrational, and beautiful world of pi.

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Blue cyanotype of leaf

Blue Where

With this kit, you will use premade sunprint paper and weeds found near your home to experiment with the cyanotype process, documenting place, and creative pattern design.

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Color ice cubes on and hand reaching out to one white cloth

Sensory Salt

We see the effects of natural processes all around us– like plants sprouting up outside and sun rays bleaching surface areas. “Design by Time” leverages these forces, working with ‘Time as Creator’, to demonstrate how materials change over time when exposed to environmental conditions.

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